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When you can't compete with Don Cherry

I was in a bar in Huntsville, quite a few years ago now, and was asked not to play until after the leafs had finished their first period - No probs, I understand the fanatical nature of that franchise and the hold it somehow has on it's client base. After the period, I went to start up my first set and was told - "no, we want to hear coaches corner" - Don Cherry... sheesh - so I amble up to the bar and join the huddled mass of fans hanging on every word - and I spot the converter on the bar - so I do what any self-respecting musician would do in this situation, I push "mute" and the people lose their minds - pressing all the buttons on the tv - accidentally changing channels "NoooOOOoooO" and turning off the TV "nooOOOOoooOOo" til finally, they get it back on.

so, I press it again and put the converter down my pants - NOW THEY ARE MAD - they want blood so I had to pretend I was mad too - by the time they got the tv sorted out, I have the converter safely hidden in my gear on stage.

It's been at least 12 years. I think it's safe to tell this story now...

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