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You don't want to mess up someone's wedding. Of all the gigs where you can forget chords, blow lyrics or otherwise make a mess of things, the first dance at a wedding is not one of those places.

Thanks why I practiced the hell out of the song - made sure I had it down cold. It was an easy song, really, but the groove kept alluding me so I had recorded it on my phone so I could take a quick listen before I played to make sure I got it right - the thing is, when you play a bunch of tunes before hand, they can influence your interpretation of the groove and with this song, if I got that wrong, I could easily miss the strange verse phrasing and the song would become unrecognizable.

So, all practiced and ready - the master of ceremonies making some housekeeping announcements - he's speaks well - knows how to use the mic... this is going to be ok -

... at which point, he presents the bride and groom for the first dance - I DIDN'T KNOW THAT HAPPENED RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING - WTF!!! - Computer doesn't have the song cued for lyrics - play the first chord

- they made a point of not wanting any dead air from the announcement of their first dance and I am completely unprepared - guitar is on distorted - I have to change the sound to clean - but the volume is a different setting for clean and I have already started - SHIT - push the button and change the sound and volume at eeeexxxactly the same time - there! ... almost prefect... I can run this introduction until my heart slows down a bit - My throat is dry - no way to get a drink - ok - ready - words are cued - where are my glasses - SHIT... I can't see the words!!!

Ok - sing down on the mic and squeeze the eyelids so I can almost focus - who cares if I look like an alien... there - don't look up - blurred vision, you could lose your place...

I think it went well considering - you don't want to blow the first song at a wedding

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