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You have to be Thankful

With only yesterday off in the last couple weeks, I had a chance to catch my breath, rest my voice and reflect a little bit about the range of gigs this summer has brought.

There have been so many times I have left gigs this summer making a mental note of making sure I appreciate the special nature of the relationship that I have developed between myself and... what.. "clients" ... ??

Nope, not clients. Friends, associates, partners, allies, mates, chums, pals.. people who you share an important affiliation. Those who share with you, and allow you to be part of, important milestones with which you will be forever associated.

This is a business - without income, it becomes a casual hobby and with that, we all suffer from mediocrity. Fortunately, there is support for entertainment that makes great things possible and paves a road that makes the journey joyful, relatively prosperous and hopefully, mutually beneficial.

Thanks for making me part of your important days - I hope that I get good at this so that I never have to question myself but, more importantly, never take it for granted.

In memory of Rick Wilson

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