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Welcome to the

"Bill Nadeau and the 21st Century Binary Backup Band"



For more than half a century, my guitar and I have carved out a unique space where blues, jazz, and rock intersect, creating experiences that are as rich and complex as life itself. Whether I'm performing in cozy pubs or upscale corporate events, my mission remains consistent: to stir emotions and leave an indelible impact long after the music has stopped.

Whether channeling the masters of blues and jazz or delivering a heartfelt original, each performance is a reflection of my life's journey. With age comes wisdom, and many of my songs have evolved right along with me. They've been rewritten, not to alter their essence, but to celebrate the insights that each passing year brings.

If you're new here or have been following me for a while, welcome. On this site, you'll find glimpses into my work, my upcoming performances, and the stories that have shaped me. I'm always eager to engage with my community, so don't be a stranger.

Stick around - Let's create something lasting!


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