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Aunt Donna (June 2013)

sometimes funny bits are just handed to you -

Last night at the gig someone got a wrong number and texted me - as the conversation progressed I read the texts to the crowd as follows -

"Geoff this is your aunt Donna - someone said your uncle johns boats lights are on can you check them for me?

I wrote back "the boat's gone!"

she wrote - "what do you mean it's gone???"

I wrote - "OMG I see lights underwater!!"

then there was nothing so I thought I better come clean...

I said - "I was shitting you :)"

and she says - "Geoff - you are so bad!"

so I said - "Aunt Donna - did I ever tell you that you are my sexiest aunt?"

she says - "omg Geoff - are you drunk???"

I said - "I don't have to be drunk to find you sexy"

and then she didn't talk any more -

Thank you Aunt Donna!

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