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Because ... I can be an ass

About 10 years ago, I lived, for a short time in Brantford Ontario. It was tough. There weren't many gigs and I had no music connections there so I found myself out of work and low on income.

As things tend to happen in music, one thing leads to another and, even in the infertile venue petri dish of Brantford at the time (for me anyway), I scored a bar gig and from there scored the local High School Reunion. Now, being new to Brantford, I never stepped foot in that high school before but was grateful for the gig and it did bring great opportunity.

During a break, I wondered the halls wondered what it was like going to this school - it looked like any other high school, rows of lockers an that polished floor with a bank of eye burning, flourescent lights right down the middle. As people walked by me I saw there name tags and said hi to them by name which was funny because they had no idea who I was. Looking ahead I saw "Diane". Now, Diane was talking to someone and didn't see me read her name tag and I couldn't resist -

Me: "Diane?!"

Diane: "Oh Hi!" (slightly puzzled look)

Me: "Oh my god, I can't believe it's you"

Diane: "he he - it's great to see you"

Me: "It's been so long - how are you, how have you been?"

Diane: "just great.. Steve?..."

Me: "Steve?.. no... no It's me... Bill"

Diane: "Oh Bill, of course - it's great to see you"

Me: "you .... you don't remember me do you?"

Diane: "I'm sorry Bill - "

Me: "After all we went through... OMG"

Diane - "I am so sorry Bill - Please, how do I know you??!!"

Me: "Aww I'm just kiddin', I never went to this school"

Diane: "Fuck! - SMACK" (not a kiss)

I did it a couple more times

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