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Is There an App for that...?

you want to know a great business to get into - and I wish somebody would - Sound quality and acoustic consulting.

Two clubs I know have poured so many great resources into modifying or moving their clubs and now... they sound terrible. It was completely predictable as you walk in and see the bare brick walls, high ceiling and all hard surfaces.

I am sure that when these places are planned, there are experts sitting around the table that discuss all sorts of finely tuned questions concerning efficiencies of the kitchen location, the height of the serving windows and ergonomics of the tapp handles... how much light comes in at each hour of the day, slip prevention, sanitation and a myriad of things that would lumped under the "customer experience" montage! But nothing - and I am sure the acoustical response of these rooms were not just a compromise - there is no indication that any consideration was placed on acoustics.

The sad thing is that the customer experience will be even worse because there is music in the place. I asked a patron what song was on when the house music was playing and it took about 10 seconds while we guessed by the beat - but you couldn't hear anything else.

These places have already considered or reduced their entertainment budget or at least made adjustments to start times to avoid cross room noise contamination because of complaints. So, someday in the not so far musical future, they will figure that people don't like live music anymore and they are going with the "just dinner" experience.

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