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Reverbnation Crowd Review... Review

Sometimes when you write tunes, you lose touch with objectivity and you want some peer-review to help you assess how you are doing and see how others view your work.

So this is an example of a Paid review from Reverbnation, which I am writing here so that if you are considering puchasing such a peer-review - this is the standards they seem to feel it's ok to charge for...

"I dont like the song because of the vocalist. He sucks so bad and i just wanna change the song. I'd want to skip this song so bad because it sucks so bad. I would rather listen to rock music and rap and punk rock and everything else except for this music. I hope i could skip this right now while im listening to this song that i dont like so much. i couldnt wait for the ninety seconds to be over. thats how bad i hate this song."

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